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Benromach 30yo

(43%, OB, 2011*)
Average Score: 87
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameBenromach
Alcohol By Volume43%
Average Score87

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson88
Konstantin Grigoriadis86
Ho-cheng Yao88
Krishna Nukala81
Rich Howard88
David Wankel86
Keith Wood89
Oliver Klimek86
Benjamin Chen87
Ralf Mitchell90

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonThick oily attractive fruity nose here. Of exotic kind. Succulent is the word, I believe. Very round and drinkable. Excellent fruity concentration also in the taste, still retaining a fresh lively character. On eucalyptus. Quite lovely.
Rich Howardthe nose is filled with moderately dark fruits and berries; vaguely sangria-like but not that sweet: plums, pomegranate, cranberries (not too tart), blood oranges, hints of fresh pineapple, a very slight undercurrent of walnuts. the palate is moderately sweet with plums and hints of blueberry jam with that hint of walnuts on the finish. water adds a whiff of warm vanilla to the nose, a dash of malt powder, but doesn't begin to take away from all that lovely fruit. the palate is still smooth, sweet and balanced, with plenty of fruit. summary: very nice, a quality sherried malt. holds up well to scrutiny... ;) [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Glowing amber in midday sun - Nose: Starts slowly or faintly but with a definite suggestion of aged oak. Then comes a hint of traditional wax furniture polish and a mixture of dark sherried fruits. After 2-3 minutes it gains a light leafiness but as more time passes the polished wood expands further to provide an extremely aromatic whisky. - Palate: Very smooth and creamy mouth-feel with plenty of aromatic wood and creamy vanilla. Also some hints of cherry and burgundy, the wine, not the colour. - Finish: Long, sophisticated and smooth - Overall Impression: Excellent, a marvellous whisky which almost reached 'greatness' on my scale.