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Hakushu 12yo

(43%, OB, 2011*)
Average Score: 83
Bottle Profile
TypeJapanese Whiskies
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameHakushu
Alcohol By Volume43%
Average Score83

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson89
Konstantin Grigoriadis82
Ho-cheng Yao80
Krishna Nukala80
Rich Howard82
David Wankel82
Oliver Klimek87
Ralf Mitchell83

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonElegant, toffee, butterscotch, slightly laid-back wild strawberries and blackcurrant leaves. Slightly floral but below a honeyed surface. Nice nose. Juicy beautiful fruits. Really drinkable, on sugared lemons, lime, honey melon, nice berries. This one is easy to like.
Rich Howarda lovely, gentle citrus fruit punch, gentle vanilla, a dash of malty powdered sugar, and an oak bureau in the corner of the room, a light wash of alcohol and citrus wafting up gives it a vague mimosa-like character. add in a handful of toasted spices for a well-balanced nose. after a few minutes, i'm getting an undercurrent of sweet cream mixed with the vanilla, and maybe some fresh berries. the palate is quite fruity, with plenty of that citrus punch and some vanilla, leading fairly quickly to a dry, oaky finish. water suppresses the fruits in favor of the vanilla, cream, oak furniture, even some varnish now, and adds more warm, toasted spices. the palate is stronger on apple now, with a dash of cinnamon, also losing much of the citrus, and gaining plenty of wood and spice, maybe a few cough drop herbs on the finish. summary: nicely flavored and balanced without water, very drinkable. not shy on the wood... [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]