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Ardbeg 1999/2012 'Galileo'

(49%, OB, a mix of ex-bourbon and ex-marsala casks)
Average Score: 88
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameArdbeg
Year Distilled1999
Year Bottled2012
Bottling NameGalileo
Alcohol By Volume49%
Other Detailsa mix of ex-bourbon and ex-marsala casks
Average Score88

Maniac Ratings
Pit Krause89
Thomas Lipka86
Rich Howard88
Tim Puett87
Oliver Klimek85

Retired Maniac Ratings
Ho-cheng Yao90

Tasting Notes
Tim PuettNose: It took over the room just from one glass. Peat, of course, though filled with much more. The sweet vanilla comes out from the ex-bourbon casks with a peppery edge followed by the smell I used to get from an opened pack of Skittles. Mixed fruits, but the type from candy, not fresh fruit! Palate: The vanilla stands out initially, and now the pepper and peat is turning into a sweeter mix of spice and sugared lemons (kind of like adding a spoonful of sugar to the top of a lemon half, and then licking). A tinge of bitterness on the back palate as it moves towards the finish. I feel the Marsala kicking in now. Finish: The spice and pepper are going away, leaving the peat and some bitter citrus (in a good way, if that makes sense) to linger for a bit. Longer finish than the 'Day'. Overall: Very surprised I like it considering I haven't liked whisky from ex-Marsala before. Dr. Bill will really be testing my allegiance if he does a Tokaji Finish. :)
Oliver KlimekColour: Dark amber - Nose: Wood smoke, grapes, raisins, honey, vanilla, candied ginger and nutmeg along with a gentle sea breeze.- Palate: Peat, sweet cloying grapes, ripe banana, liquorice, treacle, nutmeg, hints of pepper. - Finish: Long, sweet and fruity, slightly spicy. - Overall: The strong Ardbeg peat is tamed by sweetness here, underlined by a light fruitiness.