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Old Pulteney 21yo (2010*)
Craig Daniels, 87
Old Pulteney 17yo (2011*)
Craig Daniels, 83
Old Pulteney 12yo (2010*)
Craig Daniels, 79
Benriach 17yo 'Solstice Second Edition' (2012)
Thomas Lipka, 81
Glendronach 20yo 1993/2013
Robert Karlsson, 88
Glen 18yo 'Peat Class' (2010*)
Robert Karlsson, 84
Laphroaig 'Cairdeas Origin' (2012)
Craig Daniels, 90
Glenury Royal 36yo 1968/2005
Craig Daniels, 84
Pulteney 34yo 1967/2002
Craig Daniels, 88
Longmorn 1976/2011
Pit Krause, 90
Springbank 10yo (1995*)
Pit Krause, 90
Port Charlotte 2001/2009
Pit Krause, 91
Glencadam 11yo 1980/1992
Pit Krause, 90
Talisker 1978/1992
Pit Krause, 93
Miltonduff 14yo 'Pluscarden' (1989*)
Pit Krause, 91
Brora 18yo 1983/2001
Thomas Lipka, 88
Jameson 'Select Reserve' (2013*)
Craig Daniels, 83
Glenkinchie 20yo 1990/2010
Pit Krause, 86
Talisker 'Storm' (2013*)
Pit Krause, 86
Knockando 1962/1983 'Extra Old Reserve'
Pit Krause, 90
Caperdonich 39yo 1972/2011
Pit Krause, 90
Glenturret 34yo 1977/2012
Pit Krause, 87
Glenkinchie 1966/1988
Pit Krause, 91
Glenlivet 1965/2005
Pit Krause, 91
Springbank 34yo 1969/2003
Pit Krause, 90
Bowmore 24yo (2004*)
Pit Krause, 89
Glenglassaugh 31yo 1967/1998
Pit Krause, 93
Laphroaig 12yo 1994/2006
Pit Krause, 91
Port Ellen 27yo 1982/2009
Pit Krause, 91
Port Ellen 28yo 1982/2011
Pit Krause, 91
Ardbeg 'Ardbog'
Craig Daniels, 90
Tomatin 1976/2012
Pit Krause, 91
Talisker 'Port Ruighe' (2013*)
Pit Krause, 88
Talisker 'Dark Storm' (2013)
Pit Krause, 87
Port Ellen 23yo 1983/2006
Pit Krause, 91
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Glendronach 20yo 1993/2013 (54.7%, OB, Sherry butt, C#16)
Glen 18yo 'Peat Class' (50%, Malts of Scotland, 2010*)
Starward (43%, OB, NAS, (New World Distillery, Australia., 2013*)
Ardbeg 1975 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail Spirit of Scotland, Select by Sandro Al Navile-bologna, 2000*)
Glen Grant 1964 (40%, Gordon & MacPhail, Green box, 2011*)
John Walker & Sons 'Odyssey' (40%, OB, NAS, Rare Triple Malt, 70cl, 2013)
Lagavulin 1997/2013 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, batch no. lgv 4/502)
Bunnahabhain 11yo 2002/2014 (56.1%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection, Sherry Butt, C#423, 669 Bts.)
Gerston 'Lost Distillery Whisky Series No. 3' (46%, Various Independent Bottlers, NAS, The Lost Distillery Co., Batch no. 1.I, 2013*)
Caol Ila 18yo 1994/2013 (50%, Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask, refill hogshead, C#HL REF 9913, 328 Bts.)
Double Barrel 'Ardbeg & Glenrothes' (46%, Hunter Laing, NAS, vatted from 2 single casks, 2013*)
Dalmore 'Valour' (40%, OB, NAS, 100cl, 2013)
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Laphroaig 'Cairdeas Origin' (51.2%, OB, NAS, Celebrate the 18 years of FOL, 70cl, 2012)
Craig Daniels, Colour:mid gold Nose: Lots of phenols, white rubber, charcoal, bicycle repair kit, then lemon cream crackers and more aromatic hydrocarbons; industrial nuances. Palate: Smokey and sweet, lots of tar with cream Finish: ashy and sweet cream, then lots of lingering ash. Comment: Both brutal and complex; reminds me of the Hart Bothers 11yo that was such a hit in 2007. If you like petrochemical malts you'll LOVE this one.
Glenury Royal 36yo 1968/2005 (51.2%, OB, 2100 Bts.)
Craig Daniels, Colour: very pale gold Nose: Delicate and refined, some vanillans, lots of sweet cream (condensed milk, lollies), toasted brioche, patisserie, icing sugar. Quite fragile and tends to disintegrate after 30 minutes. Palate: firm but gentle, little bite more cream. Finish: long with a slow creamy fade. Comment: Refined and restrained, bit of a one trick pony. Doesn't hang together all that well for such a venerable age.
Pulteney 34yo 1967/2002 (54.9%, Douglas Laing Platinum Old & Rare, 259 Bts.)
Craig Daniels, Colour: Pale old gold. Nose: Briny and floral, peanuts, white chocolate; austere early but opens up after 20 minutes. Palate: alcohol more forward, saltines, aged gouda. Finish; crisp with preserved lemon. Comment: Unusual profile of brine and white chocolate; crisp and dry. A malt that develops over time; lots of depth and refinement.
Jameson 'Select Reserve' (40%, OB, NAS, Small Batch, 700ml, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: fresh cut grass, floral candy, sour sobs, sherry, sappy and vinous, tiny hint of liquorice. Palate: warming, resiny and medium sweet, smooth but characterful; actually quite rich in the mid-palate and has a nice grip/mouthfeel. Finish: sweet, woody and slightly sour, but in a nice way. Comment: Really smart whisky; reminiscent of Black Bush from 15- 20 years ago but maybe more restrained and slightly more refined.
Ardbeg 'Ardbog' (52.1%, OB, Mix of '1st and 2nd fill ex-bourbon' and ex-Manzanilla casks, 750ml)
Craig Daniels, Nose: charred wood, brambles, burning vine canes, smoked vanilla, sherry, plum jam, more smoked cherries. Not super carbolic or peat smoky, the sherry seems to tamp it down and the combination is positive. Palate: big, rich, smoky and fruity, much more tarry mixed berry jam than in the nose. Finish: sweet, tarry then leathery, with coal ash. Comment: Reminds me a little bit of Oloroso Bowmores but with more tar, more jam and more more ash. Stays both fruity and ashy. It's idiosyncratic and very well made. What's not to like? This was my favourite Ardbeg from the MWSoA Convention 2013.
Starward (43%, OB, NAS, (New World Distillery, Australia., 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Toffee, baked bananas, hazelnut nougat, maple syrup, burnt butter, chocoloate and carob powder. Over 20" gets some distinct floral (lavender and lilac) character mixed in with the toffee. Palate: medium weight, smooth and slightly syruppy with sweet stewed fruit along a few sour plums, lots of wine gums and cream sherry wood. Finish; fruit jubes, cachet bon-bons (lavender)and cherries; thins out with a slightly metallic and dried herb character. Comment: Tasted 4 times over the last year. twice 'blind' and scores all in the 81-84 range. Nicely crafted spirit and quite moreish!
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (54.1%, OB for Kenny Hsu's Selection, Taiwan - TWRI, D20/06/'02 B06/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#1513, 482 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark amber. - Nose: A lovely mixture of lightly toasted fruitines, aromatic leather and what I can only describe as a herbal chocolate-iness. - Palate: Fruitiness remiscent of cherries and raisins alongside slightly sweet rye bread. All very nice indeed. - Finish: Very long and rich. - Overall impression: An excellent after-dinner dram, especially of accompanied by chocolate and coffee.
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (52.8%, OB for The Whisky Fair, D19/07/'02 B07/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#710, 665 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark oak, almost amber. - Nose: Quite slow to develop but when it does it offers a dark fruitines (mainly currants) with a faint hint of tobacco and finally some toasted or lightly scorched woodiness. - Palate: Lots of creamy chocolate, then some slightly dry, dark fruitiness. In fact it's all very rich and smooth. - Finish: Very long, rich and smooth. - Overall impression: Lovely palate after a somewhat slow to develop nose. I love the rich, smooth creaminess.
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (55.3%, OB for Usquebaugh Society Whisky Trip 6/3/2013, D19/07/'02 B07/'13, Fresh Virgin Oak, C#1743, 312 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Rich 21ct gold - Nose: Nicely aromatic aromas including some exotic fruitiness with mango, then some herbal elements with oregano & basil, all delightfully harmonious. - Palate: Lots more fruitiness here with that mango alongside cherries and melon with a suggestion of (very) milky coffee. Maybe even cappucino. - Finish: Very long. - Overall impression: Really very fruity in an exotic way, delightful.
Glendronach 42yo 1971/2013 (44.6%, OB, D15/02/'71 B05/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#1246, 432 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Liquid treacle toffee. - Nose: Rich? It's massive with toasted dark fruitiness, wood, leather, coffee beans, dark chocolate and even a hint of smokiness. - Palate: Everything from the nose but with the toasted-ness and (roasted) coffee beans multiplied by a factor of three. - Finish: Very long and toasted and quite dry right at the end. - Overall impression: Very rich, intense and obviously old and sherried, but there's just a little something light missing which prevents this one attaining 'Greatness', but it's still knocking on the door. Brilliant, just a truly excellent experience.
Glendronach 20yo 1993/2013 (53.6%, OB for The Whisky Agency, D15/01/'93 B08/'13, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#4, 664 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark, light treacle toffee. - Nose: Lots of toasted oak and dark fruits (mainly raisins & currants) with some very rich suggestions of freshly ground coffee beans. This is wonderfully deep and rich. - Palate: Those dark fruits certainly extend to the palate but are now accompanied by a light peppery tingle. It's all slightly dry, very intense and truly superb. - Finish: Everlasting. - Overall impression: A lovely deep nose followed by a magnificently intense palate and finish. Wonderful, stuff that dreams are made of.
Glendronach 18yo 1984/2012 (56.6%, OB for Kenny Hsu's Selection, Taiwan, D28/01/'94 B12/'12, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#68, 621 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Very dark, treacle toffee. - Nose: Very rich and lightly toasted, in fact almost scorched woodiness. Some fruitiness of plums and raisins plus a suggestion of freshly ground coffee beans. - Palate: The lightly toasted effect extends from the nose to the palate alongside lots of intense dark fruitiness. There's even a hint of those coffee beans here too. This is all very intense. - Finish: Extremely long, rich and intense. - Overall impression: This is a true heavyweight packing lots of richness and solid intensity. I love it.
Glendronach 'Cask Strength' (55.2%, OB, NAS, Batch #2, 700ml, 2013*)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Glowing amber - Nose: this develops slowly, starting with an aromatic woodiness, then expands to include a musty fruitiness and with more time the mustiness expands further. - Palate: lots of fruitiness here as I detect not only typical dark fruits (currants, riasins, prunes) but also some summer (red) berries alongside oak and even a suggestion of milky coffee. - Finish: Very long. - Overall impression: Although it may have started slowly it developed into something quite excellent and mildly exotic. Well worth the time and patience. In fact better for it.
Glendronach 18yo 'Allardice' (46%, OB, Oloroso sherry casks, 2012*)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark amber or even treacle toffee - Nose: Mixed nuts, currants, raisins, perhaps even prunes but there's also a hint of good old rubber wellies and something just a little 'red' too. - Palate: Initially that rich dark fruitiness from the nose dominates, but then the wellies return and just to complete the party it's all wrapped in a distinct creaminess. - Finish: Medium to long and very creamy. - Overall impression: Excellent fruitiness and that rubberiness is quite pleasant too so overall a very nice whisky.
Glendronach 12yo 'Original' (43%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Bright 21ct gold - Nose: Compared to the last time I tried this (above) there's something not quite right here; it's kind of stale with a few 'off' notes reminding me of cowshed and manure-ish. This eventually fades to 'woody & leathery'. - Palate: Those off notes from the nose do extend to the palate, but not quite so pronounced as I'd say the palate is just a little 'flat'. - Finish: Long. - Overall impression: I really don't know what happened here, a little stale and flat for me today. A bad batch, bottle or even just my palate?
Glendronach 8yo 'Octarine' (46%, OB, bourbon & sherry casks, 2012*)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Rich gold - light amber - Nose: This is very aromatic and intensifies further with time in the glass as it includes some lightly floral or perhaps even perfumed qualities, a fruitiness reminiscent of cherries, some gentle woodiness and a hint of leatheriness. - Palate: More fruity leatherines on the palate but this time the cherries are accompanied by suggestions of peaches and summer berries. There's also a light suggestion of oak to complete the cocktail. - Finish: Long and creamy with more of that fruity leatheriness. - Overall impression: I'm impressed with what is still a relatively young whisky. I especially like the fruity leatheriness.
Amrut 2009/2013 (62.8%, OB for Europe, D06/'09 B08/'13, Bourbon Cask, C#3437, 70cl)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark golden - Nose: Immediately floral with an earthy twang. Then some lightly musty oakiness and fruitiness reminiscent of red berries. Is that the faintest hint of smokiness in the background too? - Palate: An expansion of pretty well everything from the nose, except that it's not really so floral on the palate. - Finish: Very long. - Overall Impression: A really quite different or unusual cocktail of aromas and flavours which, like a good orchestra, are all in perfect harmony.
Amrut 2009/2013 (62.8%, OB for Europe, D06/'09 B08/'13, PX-Sherry Cask, C#2699, 70cl)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Bright amber - Nose: Baked jacket potato oozing with butter. Maybe baked potato skins? Then growing more woody and fruity. Lovely. - Palate: Lots of dark fruitiness and nuttiness (think English Christmas cake), a big tingle too which comes over as almost explosive. Yes, I love it. - Finish: Very long and slightly dry. - Overall Impression: Rich, solid, almost explosive. Delightful too. This is my kind of whisky.
Amrut (63%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B06/'13, Peated, C#BA18/2013, 268 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Pale amber - Nose: Oooh, this is rich, strong, musty, maybe in an old delapidated warehouse kind of way. All this just gently unfolds and expands over time and eventually suggests a few lingering casks in hidden corners, plus cardamom seeds .... mmmmm, nice. - Palate: This is very mouth-filling, possibly mouth-coating with a rich herbal woodiness and suggestions of exotic fruitiness whilst being quite solid and earthy. I like it, lots. - Finish: Long and earthy. - Overall Impression: I really love that mixture of musty warehouse on the nose followed by herbal woodiness and exotic fruitiness on the palate. A very good whisky indeed.
Amrut (62.3%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B06/'13, Sherry Cask, C#BA17/2013, 236 Bts., 700ml)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Pale amber - Nose: Quite floral, maybe even lightly perfumed but with some accompanying quite solid, earthy and musty nuances. All rounded-off with something faintly herbal in the background. - Palate: My first thoughts are of something surprisingly fruity on the palate, followed by lightly herbal pepperiness which quickly expands and then fades back to leave the initial fruitiness again. - Finish: Long, nay very long with a lingering light pepperiness. - Overall Impression: A lovely cocktail of fruitiness, pepperiness and a je ne sais quoi herbal-ness. Very nice indeed.
Amrut 'Peated' (62.7%, Blackadder Raw Cask, NAS, B6/'12, C#BA14/2012, 282 Bts., 2012)
Keith Wood, Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Rich and polished oak - Nose: Just a hint of spent match or even that blue firework touchpaper being lighted. This fades gently to what I can only describe as fruity aged pier or possibly Atlantic jetty, which all means salty, maritime woodiness. Eventually there's even a hint of those extremely popular German "Ungarisch" flavoured crisps. - Palate: That spent match initially translates to the palate but it's quickly followed by a very intense earthy smokiness. - Finish: Very long and equally intense continuation of the palate. - Overall Impression: A generally good whisky, but somehow I'm left wondering what may have been without the spent match and with a little more depth and complexity.
Ardbeg 23yo 1974/1997 (43%, Signatory Vintage, C#1047-48-52-54, 800 Bts.)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow, light peat, waxy, tropical fruit, comparing light in style, kind of weak.
Ardbeg 1975 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail Spirit of Scotland, Select by Sandro Al Navile-bologna, 2000*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, very peaty, very smoky, light gun powder, tropical fruit, pine apple, fudge, light body. medium finish. Nice, but kind of weak.
Glen Grant 40yo 1965/2006 (56.8%, Signatory Vintage, Sherry, C#5543, 283 Bts., D10/'65 B06/'06)
Ho-cheng Yao, Dark brown color, lots sherry influence, plum, raisin, waxy, mild, medium body, medium long finish. nice heavy sherry one.
Glen Grant 1964 (40%, Gordon & MacPhail, Green box, 2011*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, very fruity, apple, pear, lots honey. waxy, very good old bourbon cask, mild, lingering, mouse coating. very enjoyable.