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Glen Garioch 36yo 1968/2004
Patrick Brossard, 87
Glen Garioch 36yo 1967/2003
Patrick Brossard, 91
Glen Garioch 37yo 'Bicentenary' (1997)
Patrick Brossard, 87
Glen Garioch 46yo 1958/2004
Patrick Brossard, 91
Glen Garioch 29yo 1968
Patrick Brossard, 92
Glen Garioch 32yo 1967/1999
Patrick Brossard, 92
Glen Garioch 1966/1997
Patrick Brossard, 88
Glen Garioch 21yo 1965
Patrick Brossard, 91
Glen Garioch 21yo 1965
Patrick Brossard, 88
Glen Garioch 1975/1990 'First for us'
Patrick Brossard, 90
Glen Garioch 1975/1987
Patrick Brossard, 91
Glen Garioch 8yo 'Over 8yo' (1980*)
Patrick Brossard, 88
Glen Garioch 1971
Patrick Brossard, 93
Brora 20yo 1975/1995
Patrick Brossard, 92
Glenfarclas 21yo (1974)
Patrick Brossard, 91
Glen Grant 40yo 1959/1999
Patrick Brossard, 93
Ardbeg 1972/2004
Thomas Lipka, 93
Convalmore 36yo 1977/2013
Thomas Lipka, 87
Bowmore 25yo 1965/1990
Thomas Lipka, 90
Bowmore 16yo 1973
Thomas Lipka, 92
Bowmore 34yo 1966/2000
Thomas Lipka, 90
Bowmore 34yo 1966/2000
Thomas Lipka, 90
Springbank 34yo 1967
Thomas Lipka, 89
Clynelish 32yo 1972/2005
Thomas Lipka, 89
Bowmore 'Bicentenary' (1979*)
Craig Daniels, 94
Lagavulin (2010)
Thomas Lipka, 89
Port Charlotte 'Scottish Barley' (2013)
Craig Daniels, 80
Octomore 5yo 'Edition 07.1 Ochdamh-mor' (2015)
Craig Daniels, 86
Bruichladdich 'Laddie Classic Edition 1' (2009)
Craig Daniels, 78
Glenfarclas 15yo (2012*)
Craig Daniels, 83
Dalmore 'Cigar Malt Reserve' (2011*)
Craig Daniels, 82
Caol Ila 'Moch' (2012*)
Craig Daniels, 83
Ardbeg 'AuriVerdes' (2014)
Craig Daniels, 84
Ardbeg 32yo 1967/2000
Thomas Lipka, 89
Port Ellen 21yo 1982/2004
Thomas Lipka, 90
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Laphroaig 'Cairdeas' (51.5%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2015)
Laphroaig 15yo '200th Anniversary Release' (43%, OB, 750ml, 2015)
Ardbeg 'Supernova SN2015' (54.3%, OB, Committee Reserve, 70cl)
Kavala 'Solist Pedro Ximenes' (55.6%, OB, NAS, PX sherry cask, C#S100630023A, 504 Bts., 750ml, 2015)
Kavalan (57.8%, OB, NAS, Sherry cask, C#S090615035B, 522 Bts., 2015)
Glenlivet 'Nadurra Peated Cask finish' (61.5%, OB, NAS, Batch#PW0715, btl.07/'15, 70cl, 2015)
Teaninich 17yo 1996/2014 (56.5%, Blackadder, C#5582, 278 Bts., 750ml)
Highland Park 14yo (46%, Adelphi, Batch#8, 1245 Bts., 700ml, 2015)
Tomatin 'Cask Strength' (57.5%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2015*)
Springbank 10yo (46%, OB, 700ml, 2015*)
Spey 'Royal Choice' (46%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2015*)
Spey 'Chairman's Choice' (40%, OB, NAS, 2015*)
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Bowmore 'Bicentenary' (43%, OB, no vintage statement, +/-1979, 75cl)
Craig Daniels, The very best Bowmores have multi-layered aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and a whiff of smoke. My guess it was matured in refill American sherry oak as I found echoes of my favourite OB Bowmores which were the 21 and 25 that were released in the mid 1990's. This exceptional Bowmore melds seamlessly the best of Islay and older Speysides from Glenlivet and don't let the 43% ABV fool you; this is a first rank whisky.
Port Charlotte 'Scottish Barley' (50%, OB, NAS, Heavily Peated, 700ml, 2013)
Craig Daniels, Mixture of vanilla, barley sugar malt and white rubber and quite prickly in the nose and palate. A bit two dimensional and very rubbery.
Glenfarclas 15yo (46%, OB, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Odd profile for a Glenfarclas. Little obvious first fill sherry, more like Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich. Citrus pith, grapefruit, vanilla slice and warming alcohol.
Laphroaig 'Cairdeas' (51.5%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2015)
Rich Howard, the nose starts on a light wave of peat smoke, some charred oak and some fresh oak, a hint of sweet cream, a touch of vanilla, infused throughout with a gentle wash of jasmine and other floral notes. the palate is sweet and sooty, with burnt cream and sweet cream, a few top notes of baked apple, before moving quickly on to charred wood and ash which carries into the long, sooty finish. a drop or two of water dispels the smoke a bit, releasing more sweet cream and sweet wood, some fresh lemon, a wash of dusty malt in the background, a touch of cigar ash on the tail. the palate sweet, smoky and spicy… with burnt vanilla bean, barley roasted with cayenne, grilled lime, plenty of toasted oak, and ash and a lingering floral sweetness on the finish. good right out of the bottle, and a nice progression with water; you can really play with this one.
Laphroaig 15yo '200th Anniversary Release' (43%, OB, 750ml, 2015)
Rich Howard, the nose starts off clean and fresh, with sea air and fresh oak, then a touch of red apple and red apple skin, a touch of sweet cream and a wash of vanilla on the tail, a light waft of smoke in the background alongside more fresh oak. the palate is somewhat of a jumble of fresh oak, a touch of iodine, a distinct fruitiness (peach, peach skin), and plenty of soot, charred wood and a touch of smoke on the finish. quite sooty, actually… this is bottled at 43%, so a single drop of water will do. water lightens up an already light nose, leaving sweet wood and sweet vanilla primarily, still some red apple skins, a hint of baked apple crumble in the distance, and the smoke is gone, or all but gone… after a few minutes, a touch of sour wood emerges. the palate now strong on burnt cream, singed tropical fruit (passionfruit), a touch of cantaloupe, charred wood, black dirt, a touch of black pepper, still plenty of heavy, sooty notes weighing everything down, especially into the finish. overview: a fairly nice example of a modern peated dram, but it lacks a bit of depth, and the wood is speaking a bit loudly. a sooty, spicy, fruity, woody dram. drink this one without water, mostly due to the sourish notes that emerge.
Ardbeg 'Supernova SN2015' (54.3%, OB, Committee Reserve, 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow, still quite peaty but not as strong as previous version. quite some malty sweet, yet with some ripe apple nose. Medium body, matured, quite robust palate. balanced well. I actually believe it probably the same batch with more years in cask. Nice.
Kavala 'Solist Pedro Ximenes' (55.6%, OB, NAS, PX sherry cask, C#S100630023A, 504 Bts., 750ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, quite clear color, malty, chocolate, fudge, light raisin, quite mild, with extreamling creaming and good finish. matured well and really not like 5yo whisky. An excellent try!
Kavalan (57.8%, OB, NAS, Sherry cask, C#S090615035B, 522 Bts., 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, robust sherry influence, raisin, quite sweet, medium body, medium finish, quite sweet, a very good sherry whisky and easy to take.
Glenlivet 'Nadurra Peated Cask finish' (61.5%, OB, NAS, Batch#PW0715, btl.07/'15, 70cl, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite malty, cookie, quite simple with hint of spice, not really like Glenlivet, certainly no hint of peat or Islay, quite robust and sweet in palate, some peat influence in palate, finished well and taste more like Islay whisky. interesting. quite young. quite interesting version. worth try.
Bruichladdich 34yo 'Legacy VI' (41%, OB, 1704 Bts., 2007)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, matured with quite some spice, cinnamon, honey wax, raisin, tropical fruity, apple, banana, pear, I tasted this one quite some years ago without put a tasting note, after almost 8 years in bottle, I think this whisky is now marrying well and really touched me for the first sip. Some good old days.
Yoichi '2000's' (57%, OB, NAS, A vatting using malts from 2000-2009, distillery only, 500ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite malty, grain sweet, more comes from refill or bourbon cask, hint of smoke, citrus note, still not matured, pity, medium body, medium long finish, not bad, but where is our old Yoichi?
Yoichi (45%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow color, quite grassy with grain sweet, very light body, young, somewhat not matured. slightly smoky to remind you the direct fire of the distillery character, medium light body with medium long finish, robust, not ready, and disappointed.
Bruichladdich 2009 'Islay Barley' (50%, OB, Claggan, Cruach, Island and Mulindry farms, 700ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, citrus, very fruity, somewhat fishy, grassy, not very Bruichladdich as I remember. quite malty palate. medium body, vanilla sweet palate. reminds me some wine influence in palate. hint of sulfur. dilute get hint of peat, also with more vanilla note. A comparing thick body laddie.
Laphroaig 21yo 1993 (48.4%, OB for FOL, first fill ex-bourbon casks., 35cl, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow, Light citrus with some vanilla note. earthy, light peat, quite light Laphroaig, mild and easy, not that punching but a easy yet peaty version, maybe it's friendship.
Brora 1972/1997 (40%, Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice)
Craig Daniels, Retasted: 17 November 2015. Fresh bottle opened. Nose: Carob pods over sultanas, then iodine and sterile bandages, smoked apricots, other fruits( sultanas and raisins) and leather, some smudge pot. Definitely hydrocarbons, but not Islay, more like Ardmore or Springbank. Palate: fruity, smoky and leathery, charred wood. Finish; charred nuts and more antiseptic, then charred wood, gets furry and metallic. The hydrocarbons come back in the aftertaste. Comment: Made when Brora was pumping out peated malt for United Distillers. Bit thin, but still a wonderful experience.
Bowmore 18yo (43%, OB, New presentation, 2007)
Craig Daniels, Nose : brine, seaweed and some earthiness, some charred cardboard. palate: fruity and slightly salty. Finish more charred cardboard. Comment; Disappointing and coarser than it should be for the age. The 12yo released at the same time is a better malt.
The Chita (43%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, vanilla, tropical fruit, quite some berry note with some coconut and orange. quite thick and waxy, very enjoyable, actually very nice and enjoable one. should be good with ice or some water.
Bowmore 10yo 'Tempest' (54.9%, OB, Batch#VI, First fill bourbon, 700ml, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite peaty, fresh fruit, lot's citrus and grassy note. quite some sea influence. light banana, some medical note. light body, creamy, quite rounded and balance. with some soapy note finish. good structure and power. A very nice Bowmore.
Bowmore 'Mizunara cask finish' (53.9%, OB, NAS, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Bowmore NAS "Mizunara cask finish" (53.9%, OB, 700ml, 2015) Golden color, quite peaty with more herbal nose, curry with some meat? goat actually, not the Bowmore I remember. quit think legs and watering. medium light body, robust, quite salty and grassy in palate. medium short finish, very clean palate, strong again. Honestly, I can't tell it's a Bowmore! 88 points.
Glenlossie 1974/1997 (40%, G&M Connoisseurs Choice)
Pit Krause, We had this with 30 people, and everyone in the room was flabbergasted by this miracle of complexity. To us, it was great, on several occasions it scored 92. Try it for yourself. Wow, King of Balance!
Mortlach 'Rare Old' (43.4%, OB, NAS, 2014)
Craig Daniels, Nose: A little subdued and flat. Some Danish furniture oil and jersey caramels. Palate: Toffee and nuts, some slightly burnt characters Finish: Lollies and charred nuts, slightly metallic. Comment: pleasant enough, quite polished but a bit boring
Laphroaig 11yo (48%, OB, Triple matured. , 70cl, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden brown color, nutty, raisin, smokey, match box, peaty, malty sweet, ripe apple, cinnamon, black fruit, medium body, medium long finish, quite peaty in palate. a very nice Laphroaig.
Macallan 'Edition No.1' (48%, OB, NAS, 2015)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, very nutty with clear sulfury, raisin, vanilla, lot's spice, malty, medium light body, medium short finish. rotten egg, good for food pairing.
Ardbeg 1975/1998 (43%, OB)
Rich Howard, this is a 23 year old Ardbeg matured in bourbon casks, and it shows. the nose starts on a deep, warm vanilla, a gentle maltiness, a subtle fruitiness... ripe bananas (with that warm vanilla, almost a banana pudding), a dash of lime zest, the barest whisp of smoke, a light infusion of herbal peat. (all of these notes are reserved, and well integreated.) with time, the fruits begin to develop (more light citrus, maybe some green apple now), just a touch more smoke, all infused by the herbal peat. the palate is pleasantly and unexpectedly brisk, a bit more smoke and fire here, gently laced with tannins and spices, a touch of dry maltiness, and never far from a light wash of that herbal peat. a single drop of water changes the nose quite dramatically... the grain is quite evident now, notes of barley wine, a dash of malt, a whiff of lighty polished oak cabinets, a handful of wet grasses. just the lightest hint of vanilla and a subtle fruitiness still on the tail. the palate is a touch sweeter now, and also smokier, like burnt custard, moving quickly to a drying tannic oak, wheat grass juice on the back of my tongue... the finish lasts forever on that tannic, singed oak. another drop continues to promote the burnt custard on the nose, and especially the palate. at 43%, i didn't expect this to do well with water, but it's actually quite nice, if a bit over-tannic. try it both ways... if you're lucky enough to try it. :)
Chivas Regal 12yo (40%, OB, 2014*)
Robert Karlsson, Quite anonymous nose here, bare hints of dark chocolate, toffee and a kind maltiness. Taste starts surprisingly enough on smoke! Or is it? Maybe not.. hm, difficult. Quite rounded off.. still long, with an enjoyable aftertaste. Special malt.