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Glenlivet 16yo 'Nadurra' (2011)
Tim Puett, 84
Tamdhu-Glenlivet 29yo 1963/1992
Tim Puett, 92
Ardmore 12yo 1986/1999 '100th Anniversary'
Tim Puett, 83
Clynelish (2013*)
Tim Puett, 83
Lagavulin 1991/2007 'Distillers Edition'
Tim Puett, 89
Talisker 1996/2008 'Distillers Edition'
Tim Puett, 87
Talisker 'Storm' (2013*)
Tim Puett, 86
Bowmore 35yo 1968/2004
Pit Krause, 91
Arran 'The Devil's Punch Bowl' (2012)
Pit Krause, 85
Arran 'Cream Sherry Cask from Gonzales Byass' (2006*)
Pit Krause, 86
Caol Ila 35yo 1969/2004
Pit Krause, 90
Slyrs 'Raritas Diaboli'
Pit Krause, 84
Bruichladdich 'Fernando de Castilla Finish' (2010*)
Pit Krause, 78
Ardbeg 'Ardbog'
Pit Krause, 89
Port Ellen 11yo 1983/1994
Pit Krause, 87
Port Ellen 1983/2009
Pit Krause, 91
Lochside 27yo (C1989)
Pit Krause, 89
Tamnavulin 35yo 1966
Pit Krause, 90
Glengoyne 1972/2012
Pit Krause, 91
Highland Fusilier 21yo (1985*)
Pit Krause, 92
Glen Avon 1958
Pit Krause, 91
Cu Dhub (2003*)
Craig Daniels, 65
Strathisla 30yo (2009)
Rich Howard, 89
Glenglassaugh 33yo 1978/2012
Pit Krause, 89
Glen Keith 1971/2006
Pit Krause, 91
Cragganmore 20yo 1981/2001
Pit Krause, 90
Glen Keith 40yo 1970/2011
Pit Krause, 93
Glenmorangie 'Finealta' (2010)
Pit Krause, 89
Glen Keith 40yo 1970/2010
Pit Krause, 93
Bowmore 44yo 1964/2009 'Gold Bowmore'
Ho-cheng Yao, 96
Glenmorangie 1993/2012 'Ealanta'
Craig Daniels, 86
Glenfarclas 1980/2008
Ho-cheng Yao, 85
Bunnahabhain 34yo 1974/2008
Ho-cheng Yao, 92
Port Ellen 31yo 1969/2001
Ho-cheng Yao, 92
Glenlivet 1969/2007 'Cellar Collection'
Ho-cheng Yao, 89
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Nikka 'From The Barrel' (51.4%, OB, NAS, Batch 22B44B, Blend, 2013*)
Jack Wieber 'Classic of Islay' (56.9%, Jack Wieber, C#5273)
Glen Grant 36yo 1974/2011 (52.4%, Duncan Taylor, C#16560, 204 Bts.)
Nikka 21yo 'Taketsuru' (43%, OB, batch 20A38C, 2011*)
Braeval 18yo 1994/2013 (52.5%, eSpirits Whisky Liquid Treasures, 120 Bts.)
Nikka 17yo 'Taketsuru' (43%, OB, batch 14A40A, 2011*)
Mortlach 16yo 1997/2013 (51%, eSpirits Whisky Liquid Treasures, 176 Bts.)
Bladnoch 22yo 1990/2012 (50.3%, eSpirits Whisky Liquid Treasures, 103 Bts.)
Highland Park 1968 (45.6%, OB, 2008*)
Highland Park 40yo (48.3%, OB, 2012*)
Glentauchers 18yo 1976/1995 (63.2%, Glenhaven, D:10/'76 B:3/'95)
Macduff 10yo 2000/2011 (59.8%, A.D. Rattray, Sherry, D:15/11/'00 B:05/04/'11, C#5786[part], 288 Bts.)
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Cu Dhub (40%, OB, Speyside Distillery)
Craig Daniels, Nose: caramel and a hint of mint, some bitter herbs (rocket and endive). Palate: thin, sweet and herbal. Lacks any grip. Finish; surprisingly short; herbal with wood bitters. Comment: chock-a-block with spirit caramel but otherwise pretty inoffensive. Not the worst whisky I've ever tasted, but not a good one either.
Glenfiddich 1974/2001 'Private Vintage' (47.7%, OB for Ian Simpson & John McAskil, Fenton Tower, C#38231, 231 Bts.)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, vanilla, ripe apple, pine apple, banana, peach, citrus. quite oil, medium body, medium finish, very good structure.
Bowmore 44yo 1964/2009 'Gold Bowmore' (42.4%, OB, 701 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden color, beautiful floral note, clear and standard old Bowmore house style. quote elegant and extremely attractive. light soapy note. light peat. Medium light body. creaming and very oil, very nice palate. finished long and lingering. slightly salty in palate. One of the best Bowmore I've been tasted. still lively. Very enjoyable one.
Glenmorangie 1993/2012 'Ealanta' (46%, OB, American White Oak Heavily Charred,)
Craig Daniels, Nose: lots of freshly milled timber (cedar and pine), then vanilla bean and a lot of honey; hints of orange and grapefruit. Palate: creamy, fruity sweet and quite rich Finish; creamy with a oak reprise. Comment: Nose starts off overpowered by oak but settles down and becomes much more refined. Rest of package is sophisticated, refined and very moreish.
Glenmorangie 18yo 'Extremely Rare' (43%, OB, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: takes a while to open up but has lovely green apple and grapefruit plus a little passionfruit. Palate: Malty, fruity sweet and refined. Finish; Long, initially sweet but dries out with some fruit bitters. Comment: seriously sophisticated whisky.
Bunnahabhain 40yo (41.7%, OB, 750 Bts., 70cl, 2012)
Oliver Klimek, Colour: Bright amber - Nose: Rich honey, candied lemon zest, custard, hints of polished wood and ginger, fresh mint. - Palate: Lighter honey, vanilla, ripe banana, After Eight mints, creme brulee, hints of nutmeg. - Finish: Long, fruity and slightly spicy, minimally bitter. - Overall: This oldie has a very rich nose, but it is surprisingly light and fragrant on the palate. Only the price of almost £2000 is a wee bit steep.
Oban 12yo (43%, OB, Unblended Highland Malt, John Hopkins & Co, Pear Shaped Bottle, 75cl)
Oliver Klimek, Colour: Bright amber - Nose: Raisins, madeira, honey, hints of rubber, orange zest, hints of nutmeg. - Palate: Minimal smoke, raisins, dried apricots, vanilla, caramel, hints of mutmeg and pepper. - Finish: Medium long, fruity and slightly spicy. - Overall: A very gentle but also very refined dram with that old fashioned “they don’t make them like this anymore” taste profile.
Hazelburn 12yo (46%, OB, 70cl, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Sherry and little bit of peat, lots of light toffee (jersey caramel). Palate; More sherry with roasted nuts and some dried apricots. Finish: Peanut skins and orange rind. Comment: Tasted blind 20 November 2013. Thought it was a commercial Speyside.
Tomatin 17yo 1989/2006 (56.4%, Cadenhead's)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Bubblegum, juicy fruit chewing gum, paint thinners, orange and tea tannins, almonds and treacle. Palate: Bitter orange and roasted nuts, some burnt notes. Finish: more bitters and some metallic notes. Fades with lingering metal. Comment; subdued alcohol and too bitter and short in the finish. Nose and early palate are better than the late palate and finish.
Benromach 10yo (43%, OB, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: some florals (freesias and frangipani) and some honey, then deepens into honeycomb, some earthy peat and some smoke. Like Highland Park but without the depth. Palate; sweet and honeyed, smoke in the tail, slightly dirty, burnt honeycomb. Finish: smoke and ashes, some fruit bitters, a tiny touch of burnt honeycomb and beer can metal. Comment: Maybe this is a whisky I just don't "get". I don't think the fairly minimal amount of peat adds much, maybe justs muddies the underlying Speyside sweetness. There were 11 people who tasted this blind in September 2013 and the scores ranged from 77 to 84.
Benromach 10yo (43%, OB, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: some florals (freesias and frangipani) and some honey, then deepend into honeycomb, some earthy peat and some smoke. Like Highland Park but without the depth. Palate; sweet and honeyed, smoke in the tail, slightly dirty, burnt honeycomb. Finish: smoke and ashes, some fruit bitters, a tiny touch of burnt honeycomb and beer can metal. Comment: Maybe this is a whisky I just don't "get". I don't think the fairly minimal amount of peat adds much, maybe justs muddies the underlying Speyside sweetness. There were 11 people who tasted this blind in September 2013 and the scores ranged from 77 to 84.
Macallan 'Estate Reserve' (45.7%, OB, '1824 Collection', 2009)
Ho-cheng Yao, Quite sweet, heavy sherry, need sometime to open, actually better with some ice.
Singleton of Glen Ord 12yo (40%, OB, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Retasted 23 October 2013, score changed from 81 to 82. Nose: Sugared almonds, peanut brittle and some sweet, oily herby notes like in hand lotion. Palate: nutty, dry sherry, with a discernible touch of aspirin residue. Finish: wood bitters and toffee, some liquorice. Comment: It's a lively nose and the rest is good. I think the best descriptor is 'well integrated' and I know it's a Highland but I think it's more often identified as a Speyside, when tasted blind. The sherry treatment is subtle, but definitley discernible, especially in the palate. Pretty decent whisky.
Glengoyne 17yo (43%, OB, +/-2008)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Yo-Yo Honey biscuits, Violet Crumble (honeycomb confectionery), marzipan and candied citrus, some fruit bitters. Palate: grapefruit and citron marmalade, lots of malt with sweet pastry dough and then wood bitters and a candied citrus peel reprise. Finish: Sour fruit, wax, warming alcohol and wood bitters. Comment: not a big whisky and a bit shy to start but gets better in the glass and I like the way citron/marmalade/grapefruit notes last all the way through to the fruit bitters finish. This is sophisticated malt whisky.
Macallan 10yo (40%, OB, 2009*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: sweet, red berry fruit, christmas cake, nutmeg, toffee apple, talcum powder, oloroso sherry, some liquorice, apple compote and icing sugar. Gets lighter, less complex and somewhat watery over time. Palate: toffee, caramel, sour plums, varnish and cream, some sultana and verjuice. Finish: varnish, fruit syrup, burnt nuts with aspirin after 20 minutes. Comment: Starts lively, well rounded and impressive but just becomes more sugary and less complex over time. The sherry is relatively lightweight and the malt just doesn't sing in a deep enough or sustained register to be a 'true' Macallan. The red apple is reminiscent of young Aberlour.
Nikka 12yo 'Taketsuru' (40%, OB, pure malt, 2008*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Sweet, subtle bananas, sultanas and silky polished oak. Hints of sandalwood and incense. Palate: Soft, smooth, classy and fruity (dates and sultanas). Finish: Stewed fruit and oak. Classy but short. Comment: Very well crafted whisky, good balance but lacking a bit of grunt in the palate and a surprisingly abrupt finish. Would be much more impressive at 45% abv.
Imperial 16yo 1995/2012 (53.8%, Duncan Taylor Dimensions, C#50055, 278 Bts.)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, Lot's vanilla, sweet, orange. comparing rich and creaming. very creamy. like cake. dilute get more tropical fruit and berry note. nice.
Laphroaig 30yo 1966/1996 (48.9%, Signatory Vintage, Dis. 02/'66, Btl. 06/'96, C#561, 142 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite clear color. Peaty, herbal, citrus, pear, quite woody, mild and elegant, medium finish. quite nice palate. keep you drinking. It's hard to believe an Laphroaig with so elegant yet very peaty performance.
Glenfiddich 35yo 1965 'Vintage Reserve' (47.8%, OB, C#10837, 2000*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Golden yellow color, quite refreshing fruity note, pear, citrus, green apple, slightly mango and banana, with a hint of spice, Very clear house style at excellent good condition. Medium light body, medium finish. Quite powerful, some attack at the palate. Very enjoyable one.
Laphroaig 'QA CASK' (40%, OB for Travel Retail Exclusive, NAS, double matured, 1000ml, 2013*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite peaty, grassy, minty, easy going, some smokiness, good, Not the best Laphroaig, but no complain and easy drinking one.
Highland Park 21yo 1989 '4.145' (52%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 'San dunes and heather moorland', Refill Hoghead, D5/'89, 245 Bts., 2010)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite nutty, fruity and floral, sweet, and not that HP.
An Cnoc 22yo (46%, OB, 2013*)
Oliver Klimek, Colour: Dark amber - Nose: Stewed apples, raisins, grapefruit, toasted nuts, polished wood, very light caramel, hints of ginger and pepper. - Palate: Light honey, dried apple chips, raisins, hints of Earl Grey tea, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and pepper. - Finish: Long, fruity and spicy. - Overall: It still has the lightness Knockdhu is known for, but the long time in the casks have also given it a nice richness not seen in their younger bottlings.
Highland Park 18yo (43%, OB, UK, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Honey, cold fireplaces, cigarette ash, dried pears, smoked fruit, more smokey honey. Palate: sweet, rich, vine cane sappiness, medicinal (iodine and sterile bandages) with lots of burnt leafiness. Finish; Long,warm and ashy, lingering ashiness. Comment: Lovely combination of peat and sherry - echoes of Bowmore but with deeper sherry.
Glenturret 34yo (47.6%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#2, 2012)
Oliver Klimek, Colour: Medium amber - Nose: Stewed apples, melon, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla, polished wood, hints of nutmeg. - Palate: Honey, stewed apples, ripe banana, vanilla, hints of buterscotch and nuts, hints of nutmeg and cardamom. - Finish: Long, fruity and slightly spicy. - Overall: A very well-balanced fruity dram with no disturbing notes. It does not take much water, though.
Glen Grant 37yo 1974/2012 (49.3%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#7646)
Oliver Klimek, Colour: Bright copper - Nose: Prunes, orange marmalade, marzipan, old oak, hints of cinnamon and cocoa. - Palate: Prunes, dates, orange zest, espresso, sweet toffee, cinnamon, hints of nutmeg. - Finish: Long, fruity and slightly spicy. - Overall: On one hand this is a very nice whisky with no real flaws, on the other hand I would have expected a bit more from a whisky of that age. The palate feels a bit unbalanced.