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Glenglassaugh 24yo 1983/2007
Craig Daniels, 89
Caol Ila 11yo 1991/2002
Krishna Nukala, 81
Talisker 20yo 1981/2002
Krishna Nukala, 89
Glenlossie 17yo 1981
Krishna Nukala, 92
Clynelish 33yo 1973/2006
Krishna Nukala, 91
Auchentoshan 31yo 1965
Krishna Nukala, 90
Longmorn-Glenlivet 1971/1999
Thomas Lipka, 93
Ardbeg 'AuriVerdes' (2014)
Thomas Lipka, 86
Talisker 30yo (2006)
Tim Puett, 90
Talisker 20yo 1981/2002
Tim Puett, 93
Talisker 20yo 1981/2002
Tim Puett, 91
Rosebank 11yo 1989/2001
Thomas Lipka, 82
Laphroaig 1979/1999
Thomas Lipka, 92
Glenrothes 'John Ramsay Legacy' (2009)
Thomas Lipka, 88
Brora 1972/1997
Thomas Lipka, 89
Ardbeg 'Supernova' (2014)
Ho-cheng Yao, 89
Brora 25yo 1978/2004
Thomas Lipka, 88
Blair Athol 'Over 8yo' (1985*)
Craig Daniels, 82
Benriach 12yo 'Arumaticus Fumosus' (2007)
Thomas Lipka, 83
Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack (2008*)
Ho-cheng Yao, 79
Hankey Bannister (2008)
Ho-cheng Yao, 75
Elijah Craig 12yo (2009*)
Ho-cheng Yao, 89
Bulleit Bourbon 'Frontier Whiskey' (2008)
Ho-cheng Yao, 85
Ballantine's 'Finest' (2008)
Ho-cheng Yao, 84
Balvenie 'TUN 1509 Batch No.1' (2014)
Rich Howard, 79
Springbank 15yo (2012)
Craig Daniels, 85
Springbank 2001
Craig Daniels, 86
Springbank 10yo (2009*)
Craig Daniels, 83
Lagavulin 12yo (1973)
Ho-cheng Yao, 94
Lagavulin 12yo 'Special Release 2010' (2010)
Craig Daniels, 88
Kilchoman 'Summer 2010 Release' (2010)
Craig Daniels, 82
Glen Garioch 12yo (2010*)
Craig Daniels, 85
Port Askaig Harbour 19yo (2011)
Craig Daniels, 85
Yamazaki 18yo (2004*)
Craig Daniels, 88
Highland Park 25yo (2005)
Craig Daniels, 90
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Balvenie 'TUN 1509 Batch No.1' (47.1%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2014)
Mackmyra 2010/2014 'Reserve Smoke Sherry' (50.3%, OB, C#31932, 30 Bts.)
Mackmyra 2009/2013 'Reserve Elegant Swedish Oak' (49.4%, OB, C#7798, 31 Bts.)
Mackmyra 2006/2009 'Reserve Elegant Sherry' (46%, OB, C#4823, 42 Bts.)
Kavalan 'Solist' (56.3%, OB, NAS, C#B080616033, 2012*)
Kavalan 'Solist' (58.6%, OB, NAS, C#S060703032, 548 Bts., 2012*)
Bunnahabhain 40yo 1973/2013 (50.6%, Archives, C#3463, 156 Bts.)
Braeval 1991/2013 (52.9%, Gordon & Company Pearls of Scotland, C#95119, 228 Bts.)
Port Dundas 1965/2011 (43.3%, Scott's Selection)
An Cnoc 'Tushkar' (46%, OB, NAS, peated, 2014*)
Teeling 'Small Batch' (46%, OB, NAS, blended, rum cask finish, 2013)
Clynelish 16yo 1996/2013 (53.3%, Whisky-Fässle)
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Glenlossie 17yo 1981 (59%, Adelphi, C#1679)
Krishna Nukala, Tasted at Pete Silver's place. Brilliant dark colour. Luscious dark fruits galore. Raisins, apricots, dry prunes- excellent mouth feel matched by delicious taste of dark fruits. Long, everlasting finish. Top notch whisky.
Dufftown-Glenlivet 8yo (40%, OB, 70 Pr., OB, Black & Red Label, 1982*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Hazelnut, praline, honey, some sour and dirty honey, some wet wool and some cardboard. A dusting of toffee and leathery fudge. Slightly hot and the spirit has burnt characteristics like a lot of grain heavy blended whiskies. Palate: Burnt toffee, silky grain some syrup, slightly sour/tannic and slightly burnt. Finish: Initially lots of syrup and then lightly sour, then burnt and warming. Lots of grain character. Comment: In the days when I first started scoring whiskies, this whisky was one of the first I ever tried and I wasn't all that impressed. But it's taken the last 30 years to work out why. It's not a great single malt because it performs like a half-way decent blend of the same epoch. Note: I've tried this whisky over about seven times since 1991. It's never been great and it's not going to get better in the bottle.
Ardbeg 'Supernova' (55%, OB, NAS, SN2014 Committee Release, 750ml, 2014)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow, very peaty, iodine, icy-hot, medical, quite robust and light body, grassy, root, medium short finish. quite lingering. quite easy and should be good with some water. (and ice probably), better than I remember.
Glen Scotia 8yo (40%, OB, +/-1980)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Light machine oil, floral honey, meadow flowers, some sump-oil blackened steel, some petrochemicals & charcoal; both sweet and subtly smokey. The flowers/perfume, honey and charcoal tend to dominate. Palate: oily, rich, briny/salty and fudgy. Some ginger and some smudgepot; some peat but quite restrained. Finish: warming with toffee and some drying wood and some metallic bitters. Reprise of smoke. Quite long. Comments: At least 22 years since I tasted this version last. I bought this one at an auction about two years ago. It was in pristine condition. A much more savoury, richer and more interesting whisky than I was expecting. The mouth feel at 40% is an object lesson for modern distillers.
Blair Athol 'Over 8yo' (40%, OB, Blue Crest, Mid 1980's)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Straw, a little bit of spirit. Some soap and perfume, hints of vanilla and fudge, maybe Turkish delight or rosewater, fragrant, eau de cologne which gets stronger the longer in the glass. Palate: honey, butterscotch and buttered toast and some astringency, some wood bitters, quite grainy. Finish: more perfume and something slightly dirty burnt and hot. Lingering warmth and a slightly burnt character and a perfumy character, some sour grain especially retronasally.
Balvenie 'TUN 1509 Batch No.1' (47.1%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2014)
Rich Howard, the nose initially starts off on the lightest hints of berry, before moving almost immediately to a big, bourbon-y vanilla, spicy citrus, hints of clover honey, nutmeg and the slightly sourish smell of those orange circus peanut candies, which i often ate as a child, but never really liked. unfortunately, the sourish note is somewhat distracting, and after time threatens to dominate. the palate hits with a burst of sweet and spicy orange citrus, fresh berries, cinnamon and nutmeg, but moves very quickly to strong wood tannins, quite some oak here, with a long finish on slightly sourish wood. water rescues the nose somewhat... it's simpler now, with gentle orange creme and clover honey, hints of barley sugar, and the sourish wood notes have moved into the background. the palate is sweeter as well, still the spicy citrus, quite some tannins, still presenting as cinnamon and nutmeg, and the slightly off woody notes take longer to emerge on the finish, and dominate a bit less. to my palate, this is a bit heavy on the wood, and there's a stave or two in one of the casks that didn't sit quite right. water is required, but can only do so much.
Port Askaig Harbour 19yo (45.8%, The Whisky Exchange, 2011)
Craig Daniels, Colour; pale straw. Nose: sweet peat and citrus, carbolic and phenols, light machine oil, peanut butter and charred lemon. Palate: sweet, smoky and slightly oily. Finish: sweet, citrusy and smoky, some fresh fireplace ashes, lingering charred citrus. Comment: A whisky that grows on you, becomes more complex over time. Doesn't like water all that much; gets some artificial sweetener like aspartame or saccharine.
An Cnoc 12yo (40%, OB, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: straw and meadow flowers, rose petals which hang around and finally tarragon/liquorice root. Palate: drier than expected, quite flinty, but with manuka honey. Finish: dries off with some straw and metal. Comment: Pleasant, well made with lots of floral character.
Redbreast 12yo (40%, OB, Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Grassy and creamy, touches of oloroso sherry, crème caramel, lots of coconut that builds in the glass. Palate: sweet, creamy with both sherry and a little bit of leather. Finish: soft smooth and short.
Bushmills 16yo (40%, OB, Bourbon and Oloroso casks, then finished in Port Casks, 700ml, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: sherry and fruitcake,some slightly sour notes. Palate: cream sherry and some underlying grassiness, some mixed berries. Finish: sweet, velvety, then some slight astringency. Comments: Pleasant enough, but the wood cloaks any Irish character.
Ardbeg 'Supernova' (55%, OB, NAS, SN2014 Committee Release, 750ml, 2014)
Rich Howard, after capping the glass for a few minutes, the nose starts off on tar, wood smoke, hemp rope… underneath all that, the sweetness of burnt marshmallows. this all transitions almost immediately to a full infusion of mezcal but with an undercurrent of wood smoke, almost like a smoky tequila, complete with a hint of fresh lime and a whiff of fresh field grasses. this remains as the dominant aromatic profile. the palate is brisk and strong, with coal tar, ash, charred embers, rope and a handful of cough drop herbs on the finish. water tames the mezcal a bit on the nose, leaving herbal and grassy notes, old cotton denim, fresh cashews and roasted, salted almonds. once again, after a few minutes, the mescal returns to the fore. the palate is even more fiery now, still very herbal, and very ashy and tarry at the same time, with unsweetened dark chocolate and loads of chili pepper, nutmeg and fresh cinnamon throughout. i can find the sweetness in almost any whisky, but i can find little to none here; it is all smoke, tar, wood, spices and herbs. a fairly unforgiving dram, and a bit unbalanced. while firmly in the style of previous releases, it presents much younger, and seems to lack a little depth and substance. this release also owes much too much of its profile to the mezcal character. a good dram, probably a very good dram if you really like your tequila. the nose is better with water, the palate much better without.
Edradour 10yo (40%, OB, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: lots of sherry and slightly off-key, sour cherries and cardboard, slightly astringent. Palate: salt a little sulphur and then hard candy and some mixed berry jam. Finish: sugary to start then gets slightly sour. Comment: some odd notes throughout and the sherry wood isn't all that great.
Highland Park 17yo 1990 (54.1%, Art of Whisky, C#10230)
Ho-cheng Yao, Flora, quite herbal, light very grassy. light soap ending.
Highland Park 18yo 1988 (60.2%, Various Independent Bottlers, Bennachie Scotch Whisky Company, Sherry Cask, Square Bottle, C#11920, 492 Bts., 2006*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Quite sherry, plum, robust, very oil. rich and good, only the ending not so good.
Highland Park 15yo 'Loki' (48.7%, OB, Valhalla Collection, 2013*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Quite sweet, malty, with clear smokiness, robust with power.
Old Pulteney 17yo (46%, OB, 2011*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: coconut cream, pina colada, cherries, white chocolate. Palate: sour cherries, dark chocolate, then a creaminess. Finish: creamy with light fruit bitters and more white chocolate.
Lagavulin 1995/2011 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, PX finish, lgv 4/499)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Smoke and sherry, smoked rosewater. Palate: sweet and smoky, fruity, sour cherries then rubber. Finish: smoked fruit, raspberries, ashes and roses. Comment: Not the best DE, but still pretty damn fine.
Longrow 11yo 'Red' (53.7%, OB, 6yrs refill bourbon, then 5yrs Australian Shiraz casks, 9000 Bts., 70cl, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Vanilla and smoked paprika, some ointment, coconut, then fruity (strawberries and cream) Palate: smoked plums, smoked rose petals and some sour fruit leather, lots of grip. Finish: warming, smoky and with some astringency. Comment: much better integrated than the Cab Sauv sibling. This time the wine,spirit and peat work well together to create a harmonious whole.
Longrow 11yo 'Red' (52.1%, OB, 7y refill bourbon & 4y Cabernet Sauvignon, 9000 Bts., 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: fruit and capsicum, barnyard and compost. Palate: slightly sour and musty then red liquorice and a underlying earthiness. Finish: warming, waxy and oily. Comment: there are some clashes between some of the components that lead to a bit of a disconnect.
Dalwhinnie 1990/2005 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, Oloroso finish, 2005)
Craig Daniels, Nose: liquorice, toffee, baked apples and cream. Palate; Toffee with candied ginger. Finish; Crème caramel, toffee and coconut - slightly metallic. Comment: somehow this came across as an archetypal Speyside whisky. I didn't notice much sherry influence.
Laphroaig 15yo 1998/2013 (60.8%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection for The Whisky Exchange, D22/09/'98 B23/09/13, Refill Sherry Butt, C#700393, 551 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, very peaty, lots smoke, gun powder, heavy sherry. matured tropical fruit, raisin, mango. apple. boggy. quite robust and heavy body.
Springbank 36yo 1969/2005 (57.3%, Chieftain's, refill Fino Sherry, Dis. 04/'69, Btl. 09/'05, C#793, 540 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite some fruity and floral nose, orange, white flower, cherry, sugar sweet, quite elegant and nice. medium light body, medium short finish. nose is better than pallet, enjoyable.
Laphroaig 15yo 1985/2000 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, Laudable, 318 Bts.)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow color, comparing not so peaty, grain, herbal, light fruit(more like citrus and pear), quite meaty actually. palate got more smokiness. comparing easy one. an old Laphroaig style, not so active wood.
Ardbeg 7yo 1998/2006 '33.62' (58.0%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 'Unique Perfection', D05/'98 B01/'06, 865 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, quite peaty with clear gun powder note. lot's grain with dried fruit, slightly raisin and plum, palate got lot's sulfur. must be sherry cask. comparing matured as a 7yo whisky. interesting
Ledaig 15yo 1998/2013 (62.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask for Vin & Vin Hjorring, C#800030, 36 Bts., 750ml)
Rich Howard, the nose starts off vegetal and grassy, with sweet vanilla cream, dry leaves, a hint of fresh tree bark, beach sand and a waft of sea air, and a very sweet smoke, almost as if someone made a butterscotch incense... ending back on wet peat. the palate is likewise sweet and smoky, following the nose closely. a bit spicy with a dash of black pepper, the smoke lingers in the mouth before giving way to slightly sourish peat water, wet leaves and herbs, finally ending on a lovely tannic oakiness that lingers for some time. with water, the vegetal notes clear a bit, and the sweet cream and butterscotch have now merged, leaving a clean smoke to drift in the background, hints of fresh linen and old paper now as well. the palate is actually less sweet, and more fiery, quite a bit of pepper, smoke and toasted oak. a little more water gets you quite close to the peated barley, but you start to lose some of the nuances. very drinkable. quite sweet, but perfectly balanced by bitter herbs.