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Ardbeg 'Supernova'

(60.1%, OB, NAS, SN2010, 2010)
Average Score: 87
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameArdbeg
Bottling NameSupernova
Alcohol By Volume60.1%
Other DetailsSN2010
Average Score87

Maniac Ratings
Serge Valentin90
Robert Karlsson90
Konstantin Grigoriadis85
Ho-cheng Yao88
Krishna Nukala85
Luca Chichizola85
Pit Krause87
Thomas Lipka88
Rich Howard91
Tim Puett88
David Wankel87
Keith Wood90

Retired Maniac Ratings
Johannes van den Heuvel82

WhiskyFun Review

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonDistinct peat. Quite a bit of pepperyness. Vanilla is here also, with a blackcurrant tint. Very big taste. Loads and loads of peat. Leathery, ultra-spicy. The vanilla is so knocked out by the peat so it dies completely. This is one mean beast and it's quite lovely indeed.
Rich Howardimmediately on dry wood smoke, smoldering peat, astringent and antiseptic, multigrain bread and oat bran muffin, definitely some roast beef here, seared vanilla bean, deeper notes of barely sweetened blackcurrant. nose lightly; this one will sear the nostrils! the palate is initially much sweeter than expected, just a ton of sweet cream, blackberries and completely charred marshmallow, which quickly gives way to charred wood, and some well-grilled orange wedges, followed by smoked ham. all this, and five minutes, and i just realized i haven't even tried water yet. wow, now we have baked vanilla custard with toasted graham cracker crust, even some creme caramel, topped with very dark berries. the palate is now both sweeter and smokier, although i would not have guessed that possible. this is killing me... [tasted blind for the 2010 Awards]
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Yellow gold (9ct) - Nose: Light but very vivid peat, smoke and the most delightful Black Forest ham. - Palate: Peat, smoke, black cherries and that wonderful ham, but it needs water! - With 4 drops of water: More intense overall with peat, smoke and toasted ham. - With 4 more drops of water: More intense again but redcurrants have joined the peat, smoke and cherries. - Another 4 drops of water: That Atlantic sea-air begins to waft into the nose and the palate is still massive peat and fruit. - A further 4 drops of water: We now have a beach peat fire burning right alongside the Atlantic in the nose, whereas the palate is now almost totally intense but gentle peat. - A final 4 drops of water: Perfectly smoked ham over a Scottish peat fire fills the nose whilst the palate is a cocktail of fruity, smoky peat. - Finish: Extremely long with Balck Forest ham wrapped in seaweed and lightly cured over a peat fire on an Atlantic beach. - Overall Impression: I loved last year's edition of Supernova, but unbelievably this is even better! The peat, smoked ham and fruit make for a delightful and unique experience which I could enjoy all day long, every day. It has more depth than the Atlantic itself!