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Banff 34yo 1974/2009

(50.4%, Jack Wieber Old Train Line, Bourbon cask, D24/12/'74 B10/'09, C#0431, 213 Bts.)
Average Score: 90
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
BottlerJack Wieber
RangeOld Train Line
Brand NameBanff
Year Distilled1974
Year Bottled2009
Alcohol By Volume50.4%
Other DetailsBourbon cask, D24/12/'74 B10/'09
Cask Number#0431
Average Score90

Maniac Ratings
Konstantin Grigoriadis90
Keith Wood90
Oliver Klimek91

Tasting Notes
Keith WoodGlass: Spiegelau - Colour: Honey - Nose: Sligthly smoky, rich weathered oak and fresh fruit tree groves in full blossom. - Palate: Leather, nuts, wood and hint of farmyard. - With 4 drops of water: Even smoother, slightly more nuts and even longer finish. - Finish: Very long, even longer with the drops of water. - Overall Impression: I want to say excellent, but this is quite a difficult one so I will say very good and I will also revisit this tomorrow. ***As promised I'm revisiting this one a couple of days later:*** - Nose: The slightly smoky and weathered oak elements are still in evidence, but there's also something beyond that. It's almost like when one uses just a little eucalyptus in a sauna; A mix of hot, almost scorching wood with an aromatic herbal touch. - Palate: I agree with my last analysis; leather, wood, faint nuts and just a hint of farmyard. This is very smooth! - Finish: Very long with just a hint of coconut right at the end. - Overall Impression: I'll finish where I left off last time in saying this is a very good, nay excellent, whisky!
Oliver KlimekColor: Bright Gold - Nose: Pineapple, lemon, vanilla, a tiny whiff of smoke - Palate: More tropical fruit, a little caramel sneeks in as well as slightly herbal notes and a bit of pepper. - Finish: Very long and slightly smoky. - Overall: A great old whisky, creamy and fruity with a big nose backed by a big palate. The gentle smoke blends in perfectly.