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Talisker 30yo

(57.3%, OB, 2958 Bts., 2010)
Average Score: 88
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameTalisker
Alcohol By Volume57.3%
Average Score88

Maniac Ratings
Serge Valentin92
Robert Karlsson82
Konstantin Grigoriadis82
Ho-cheng Yao88
Krishna Nukala89
Thomas Lipka90
Rich Howard88
David Wankel85
Keith Wood89
Oliver Klimek86
Ralf Mitchell92

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonBurned style. Crisp light/white maltiness, popcorn. Licorice. Stingy. Vanilla with water. Intensive taste. Big smoker, malty sweetness. Mouth-coating, oily. Big but quite short. Rounds off immensely with water, would prefer it without.
Rich Howarda very vegetal and herbal nose, with undercurrent of both sourish malt and sweet vanilla, banana cream pie, fresh pear, some maple syrup, pistachio nuts, herbal peat, a hint of sea air. the palate is quite brisk and quite sweet, with berries, sweet cream and an undercurrent of olive oil, pistachios, wet grass and herbal peat, singed wood and a little sea salt. water brings out some seaweed and fresh grasses on the nose, hints of warm caramel and polished oak in the background. the palate follows suit, sweeter with fresh red apple and herbal citrus, some vanilla and a dash of powdered sugar, but the slightly singed wood is never far away. summary: smoky and sweet fruits with charred wood and vegetal undertones. [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]
Keith Wood*** Bottle No. 426 of 2958 *** Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Shiny golden cork - Nose: Some vanilla followed by lightly smoked aromatic berries, fresh air, rolling hills and tingly butterscotch. - Palate: Peppery malty biscuit alongside fresh sea-air and open countryside. - Finish. Long-ish peppery fruit. - Overall Impression: Excellent, truly excellent. *** Bottle No. 682 of 2958 *** Glass: Classic Malt - Colour: Shiny golden cork - Nose: Vanilla initially evident with some lightly smoked red fruit. Also plenty of fresh country air and light toffee, almost butterscotch. After 5-6 minutes more some almost leafy qualities develop. - Palate: Definite creamy pepperiness. I'm on a coastal walk with sea-air and rolling hills, bracken and lots of outdoor pepperiness. - Finish. Long rich and peppery - Overall Impression: This whisky and the one above here were both tasted (blind) as part of MMA 2011 and yes, two bottles of the same were sneaked into the competition. Yes also, both are truly excellent!