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Kilchoman 'Spring 2011 Release'

(46%, OB, NAS, 2011)
Average Score: 85
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameKilchoman
Bottling NameSpring 2011 Release
Alcohol By Volume46%
Average Score85

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson90
Konstantin Grigoriadis80
Ho-cheng Yao87
Craig Daniels84
Krishna Nukala84
Pit Krause84
Thomas Lipka83
Rich Howard82
David Wankel86
Oliver Klimek86
Ralf Mitchell88

Retired Maniac Ratings
Keith Wood80

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonQuite a bit of sourly islay-styled smokiness. Smoked ham. Soot. Also some fruits, apricots? Quite a bit of smoked meat. Harsh, raspy, very dark. Leathery. A rather excellent style I'd say. Truly sooty, and, dark (again). Me like.
Craig DanielsTasted Blind March 2012. Nose; Peaty, tarry, sweet with mixed lollies. Palate: Oily, sweet and then smoky rubber, smoked honeycomb and lots of aromatic hydrocarbons. Finish: petrochemicals, acetylene, boiled lollies and tar. Comment: Indubitably Islay and has characteristics of Ardbeg and Caol Ila, yet not fitting either profile. Too sugary and not angular enough to be Ardbeg and too petrochemical for Caol Ila.
Krishna NukalaBold and blatant peat and smoke. Blind tasted and I first thought it was a Caol Ila.Green peppers, followed by nice, clean fahrt with lots of organics. Very spicy on palate but sweet and syrupy with an equally spicy,peaty and long finish
Rich Howardimmediate hit of wood smoke on the nose, with hints of sweet cream and the lightest of butterscotch, sea water, fresh bell peppers, light notes of toasted oak on the tail. the palate is fairly thin and somewhat rough, with liquid smoke, sweet cream overheated in the pan, sea water, black pepper, singed wood. it burns a bit on the finish. water clears the smoke on the nose a bit, adds woodier notes and some vanilla, still those bell peppers with some olive oil now, and light whiffs of wet cardboard. the palate is slightly sweeter, and also presents with a bit more charred wood and a dash of vanilla. summary: a fairly edgy dram, smokey wood with pepper and a dash of sweet cream. [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]