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Benriach 34yo 1976/2011

(57.8%, OB, C#6942, 469 Bts.)
Average Score: 88
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameBenriach
Year Distilled1976
Year Bottled2011
Alcohol By Volume57.8%
Cask Number#6942
Average Score88

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson92
Konstantin Grigoriadis89
Ho-cheng Yao79
Krishna Nukala92
Rich Howard90
David Wankel86
Keith Wood91
Oliver Klimek89
Ralf Mitchell85

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonIntense woodyness, on coffee and dark spices. Slightly burnt wood. Massive is the word. Not bit Big bad bold whisky this one. Full massive taste. On all the darker things, coffee, leather, tobacco. Sligihtly sourly (in a positive way). Mean and actually very tasty. Not so hugely bitter as it could've been.
Rich Howardstrong, tart fruit notes: blueberry preserves and orange marmalade, black cherry, apricot brioche, fresh walnuts and sugared pecans, black restaurant coffee, with fresh marshmallows in the background, hints of glove leather, fresh candles. the palate follows suit, spicy and nicely sweet, with cherry danish, a little cough syrup, cinnamon, roasted nuts, plenty of black coffee and tobacco on the finish. a drop of water adds a creaminess to the nose, cherry cream cheese danish, creme brulee, scottish shortbread, pecan candies, and black cherry and fresh tobacco on the tail. the palate hasn't changed as much as the nose, maybe more leather, coffee and tobacco now, especially on the finish. summary: dark fruit preserves and fruit pastries with tobacco and leather, and plenty of tannins that don't overwhelm. water will take you on a journey, especially on the nose. [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Dark and glowing deep rich amber - Nose: Oak embers glowing richly at the end of a bonfire or BBQ. Very rich, almost toasted but not quite such a 'burnt' effect. Hints of heavily sherried biscuit and then a fruity suggestion of hot prunes with custard. - Palate: An initial gentle fruitiness bursts forth to massive dark fruits. Think mainly black cherries prunes and figs. This fruitiness has the suggestion of being lightly cooked or warmed on a base of biscuit. - Finish: Very long, rich, fruity and lightly nutty. Delightful. - Overall Impression: Wonderful whisky. A true "Great" for me!