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Glen Scotia 33yo 1977

(49.1%, Prestonfield, C#2749, 177 Bts., 2011*)
Average Score: 85
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
DistilleryGlen Scotia
Brand NameGlen Scotia
Year Distilled1977
Alcohol By Volume49.1%
Cask Number#2749
Average Score85

Maniac Ratings
Serge Valentin90
Robert Karlsson84
Konstantin Grigoriadis86
Ho-cheng Yao85
Krishna Nukala88
Rich Howard74
David Wankel79
Oliver Klimek85
Ralf Mitchell94

Retired Maniac Ratings
Keith Wood84

WhiskyFun Review

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonDry bourbony style. Slightly floral. More buttery with time. Quite intense on the bourbony style. Ought to be strong this one. Nice, clean and not overly complicated.
Rich Howardimmediate hit of light mandarin orange, pineapple, lemon echinacea cough drops, small cedar box, a dash of vanilla creme. the palate is gently herbal, with those lemon echinacea cough drops, with some polished wood on the finish. a drop of water accents the light mandarin orange on the nose, and the polished wood as well, still some vanilla creme on the tail. the palate is both a bit sweeter and a bit more herbal, with the mandarin orange and the oak on the finish. summary: a citrus echincea herbal cough drop dram, with a woody vanilla finish... better without water. [tasted blind for the 2011 Awards]