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Port Ellen 28yo 1982

(57.5%, Old Bothwell, Exclusive for Germany, C#2039, 70cl, 2010*)
Average Score: 93
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
DistilleryPort Ellen
BottlerOld Bothwell
Brand NamePort Ellen
Year Distilled1982
Alcohol By Volume57.5%
Other DetailsExclusive for Germany
Cask Number#2039
Average Score93

Maniac Ratings
Keith Wood93

Tasting Notes
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Light golden yellow and just begging to be nosed and tasted. - Nose: I'm suddenly hit by another of those flashback moments; I'm about ten years old, it's the school holidays, a sunny day and I'm at the seaside with Mum. We've taken the train to Scarborough and we're now walking from the main part of town along the seafront to the more residential areas, but it's a walk of a good mile with the sea on our right and Scarborough castle high on our left. There's fresh sea-air in abundance, but also clean grasses and some hay with just hint of peat. After a few minutes of sheer pleasure the grasses and hay grow slightly more dominant. - Oh goodness, this is a real first for me as I say "Nose: Scarborough". - Palate: Moving eventually onwards, by a good 40 years, I'm back in my dining room with a rather astonishing Port Ellen and if you thought my description of the nose was slightly unusual, then prepare youself for a little more poetic license as the palate offers a surreal combination of flavours. Basically, this whisky is akin to a peat terrine served amidst a raspberry coulis with a dressing of hay, sprinkled with rosemary, although parsley, sage and thyme were not present at this particular Scarborough Fayre! With 4 drops of water: That tide just crashed over the wall and presented us with a face full of Scarborough's finest maritime shower. This also left the palate slightly more salty, but also with a development of herbal fruitiness alongside the peat. - A further 4 drops of water and the nose is even more 'maritime' with oodles of fresh, salty sea-air but also with a slight suggestion of dentist's surgery. The palate is now much smoother and also sweeter with lighter peat and a fruitiness which can only be matched by Cantaloupe melon dancing on the roof of the mouth, whilst the herbs and peat occupy the tongue. - Finally I give this dram a splurge of water which weakens the nose but makes the palate extremely smooth, only lightly smoky, but with lots of that sea-air and subtle fruit (cantaloupe melon), plus the faintest suggestion of butterscotch and heather blossom. - Overall Impression: Magnificent. More, more, I want more! Now!!! This is by far the best whisky I have personally tried in 2010.