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Highland Park 16yo 'Thor'

(52.1%, OB, Valhalla Collection, 23000 Bts., 2012)
Average Score: 88
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
DistilleryHighland Park
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameHighland Park
Bottling NameThor
Alcohol By Volume52.1%
Other DetailsValhalla Collection
Average Score88

Maniac Ratings
Serge Valentin89
Robert Karlsson83
Konstantin Grigoriadis88
Ho-cheng Yao92
Pit Krause89
Thomas Lipka86
Rich Howard86

Retired Maniac Ratings
Keith Wood87

WhiskyFun Review

Tasting Notes
Ho-cheng YaoGolden brown color, lot's heather, sea, peat, quite malty with light raisin/prune note. quite strong and robust, medium body with good structure. medium long finish. I haven't taste any Highland Park recently with such sea influence and wild. Really fit my pallet. I like it a lot.
Rich Howardthe nose offers many of the classic Highland Park notes (heather, herbal peated water, warmed custard, orange rind, rope), but with somewhat strident additional notes of black dirt, tree bark, coffee grounds, quite a bit more smoldering peat than usual, plenty of spices (black pepper, cinammon, light cloves), definite hints of agave, and very distant whiffs of smoke. the palate is restless, almost aggresive, with plenty of back pepper, anise, cinammon and toasted oak. a drop or two of water brings out more heather and honey on the nose, and more agave, and a definite undercurrent of sweet citrus and vanilla cream, almost an oracle creamsicle... it's still quite edgy on the palate; that black pepper and cinammon is standing firm. water continues to bring out heather and agave on the nose, never losing the undercurrent of spicy herbal tea. after six drops of water or so, the spices on the palate finally start to give way, leaving more room for that creamy citrus and heather. summary: the nose is much better without water, very rich and expressive. however, the palate is quite edgy at cask strength, and although water cheapens the nose greatly, it's more or less required to soften up the palate.