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Springbank 1972

(57%, OB, Big "S", white label, for Taiwan market, 750ml, 1995*)
Average Score: 92
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameSpringbank
Year Distilled1972
Alcohol By Volume57%
Other DetailsBig "S", white label, for Taiwan market
Average Score92

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson92
Ho-cheng Yao91
Keith Wood91
Oliver Klimek93

Tasting Notes
Ho-cheng YaoLight yellow, lovely floral note, honey, malty sweet, fruity (citrus, pear), some spice and and quite clear vanilla. a very nice SP. powerful and clean. This one was relased around 1995 and seems only for the Taiwanese market.
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Pale yellow - Nose: Sweet grassy brasso? Wow, I really didn't expect this at all but yes it's sweet with an overriding grassiness and a suggestion of brasso. The grassy brasso fades quickly to be replaced by a developing floral woodiness and something quite citrus .... pineapple with a salty and lightly smoky background. What a delight. - Palate: Definite pineapple, in fact I'm reminded of those boiled pineapple sweets filled with sherbert (sherbert pineapple drops?) from my childhood. Is that a hint of ginger too? There's lots happening here and it's all good, in fact it's very alive. Is that now a faint hint of peatiness too? - Finish: Almost never-ending, thankfully! - Overall Impression: Magnifique. "Great"? Sure is.
Oliver KlimekColour: Dark straw - Nose: Candied orange and lemon zest, candle wax, vanilla, hints of ginger and a gentle waft of sea air turning into a breeze with a few drops of water added. - Palate: Mild but noticeable peat, orange zest, hints of other topical fruit, liquorice, vanilla, honey, dried herbs, ginger, white pepper and so much more.. - Finish: Very very long, with lingering flavours refusing to fade. - Overall: What can you say? It?s magnificent. It has that hard to find quality to be both mild and strong at the same time.