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Yoichi 1989/2012

(60%, OB for LMDW, D12/2/'89 B3/7/'12, recharged hogshead, C#202393, 148 Bts.)
Average Score: 88
Bottle Profile
TypeJapanese Whiskies
Bottler Official Bottling
Bottled ForLMDW
Brand NameYoichi
Year Distilled1989
Year Bottled2012
Alcohol By Volume60%
Other DetailsD12/2/'89 B3/7/'12, recharged hogshead
Cask Number#202393
Average Score88

Maniac Ratings
Robert Karlsson92
Konstantin Grigoriadis85
Ho-cheng Yao89
Krishna Nukala87
David Wankel87
Keith Wood89

Tasting Notes
Robert KarlssonAttractive darker spices, ripe oranges and whiffs of sooty smoke (not dominantly so). Quite interesting. Very big and intense taste, all on this rather lovely sooty smoke and so intense dark spices. Very exciting whisky this one.
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Amber - Nose: Oh wow, excuse me for a minute whilst I experience another of my youthful flashbacks ...... no, it's not rude although it does involve a sauna .... Harrogate some 32-35 years ago when I and a group of friends visited the old Roman Baths on Sunday mornings. They had been converted to a sauna and steam rooms and gave a welcome weekend respite. So, why the flashback? Well, my first thought on nosing this Yoichi was "sauna" as it offers a warmth alongside lightly scorched woodiness and a slightly antiseptic 'something', again reminding me of oils like euchalyptus which are also typically used in a sauna. This is good, very good. - Palate: Gently warming with what seems like a light earthiness or even peatiness before it suddenly intensifies with a veritable explosion to offer big fruity earthiness / peatiness. - Finish: Very long, fruity and earthy. - Overall Impression: This Yoichi 1989 for LMDW is stunning and bordering on my personal scale of greatness (90+ pts), but just not quite. The nose hardly betrayed the marvellous earthy peatiness that the palate would offer. It's a whisky of great depth and I loved the flashback to those halcyon days in Harrogate which was a true bonus.