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Linlithgow 26yo 1982/2009

(61.2%, Signatory for C. Bernasconi, wine treated b., C.#08/458, 300 Bts.)
Average Score: 90
Bottle Profile
TypeScotch Single Malts (Disclosed Distilleries)
DistillerySaint Magdalene
BottlerSignatory Vintage
Brand NameLinlithgow
Year Distilled1982
Year Bottled2009
Alcohol By Volume61.2%
Other DetailsSignatory for C. Bernasconi, wine treated b., C.#08/458
Average Score90

Maniac Ratings
Serge Valentin90
Keith Wood89

Tasting Notes
Keith WoodGlass: Classic Malt - Colour: Light gold - Nose: A quite complex mixture of extremely aromatic and gently perfumed wood, light butterscotch or mild toffee, good old-fashioned fruit cocktail and a dollop of je ne sais quoi. - Palate: Creamy mouth-feel which gives the initial impression of being extremely smooth, but this is 61% and a very warming pepperiness soon kicks in. The flavours begin with a burst of fruit and hints of mild toffee which remain creamy as they expand across the palate with that high abv pepperiness. The palate moves into the finish with hints of raspberry. - Finish: Very long, fruity and with slight pepper. All concentrated right in the middle of the palate. - Overall Impression: This is a truly excellent whisky, but the one sample was a little too short to experiment with water which I feel it needs. I'll be back to this one in the next days. *** A second review two weeks later: *** - Glass: Classic Malt / Colour, Nose & Palate: as above - With 3 drops of water: Much more polished wood on the nose and extremely aromatic. The palate is much smoother and far less peppery with lots of mild toffee and butterscotch. - With 4 more drops of water: The nose is less complex but still very aromatic with a focus again on polished wood, albeit a little lighter. The palate is a very smooth mixture of light toffee and gentle wood. - With a further 4 drops of water: A lighter and much more gentle palate of soft toffee and light wood. - Finish: Always very long. - Overall Impression: This whisky definitely improved with water, but only with the first two additions, the third was just a little too much. An exceptionally good whisky!